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unlimited wind warranty shingles


McLellan Contracting has evolved beyond just roofing. We offer a variety of products to both protect and beautify your home's exterior.

Your home’s exterior is the first thing your guests notice when they arrive. A well-designed exterior or a great deck to socialize on not only creates a positive first impression but also reflects your pride in home ownership. If you're looking to add charm and sophistication to your home, consider an exterior renovation with McLellan Contracting.


Let John McLellan Contracting Give Your Exterior a Chic Makeover


Whether you have a modern home or an aging residence, McLellan Contracting can enhance its exterior. With a decade of experience, we have proven our expertise in managing complex exterior renovation projects. We specialize in installing and replacing decks, soffit, fascia, eavestrough, and cladding.

A Range of World-Class Products

Our aluminum soffit and fascia are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities and meet stringent quality standards. We offer decks made from premium-grade pressure-treated wood or composite decking materials. We choose materials that last much longer than many traditional siding options and offer superior resistance to the elements.


Our quality products may cost a bit more up front than cheaper alternatives on the market, but with proper care and maintenance, they outperform and outlast them. Additionally, they are more reliable and require less frequent repairs. If you're planning multiple projects on the same property, you may be eligible for volume discounts.

Unlike many exterior renovation contractors who focus solely on profit, we prioritize building strong customer relationships. We understand the importance of effective communication and keep our customers informed about their project's progress, sharing updates at regular intervals. We stand behind our work and offer comprehensive workmanship warranties.



Choosing an uninsured exterior renovation contractor may seem cost-effective, but it can lead to significant liabilities if a worker gets injured on your property. At McLellan Contracting, we are safety trained and carry workers' compensation. If any of our team members sustain injuries while working on your property, we have coverage, protecting you from unpleasant surprises.


Since 1995, McLellan Contracting has been a trusted name in exterior renovations. We’ve kept the same phone number since 1997, standing behind our work and ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service. We emphasize the importance of WSIB and insurance to protect our clients and our team.

Special Offers

  • Free quote and consultation

  • Volume discounts for multiple projects on the same property

  • Skilled and experienced project managers and project coordinators

To discuss your project with an expert, call our office today.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of windows and doors do you offer?
    McLellan Contracting offers a variety of high-quality windows and doors, including: KP Orion Vertex3 Windows OceanView Patio Doors Avanti Custom Doors Everlast Storm Doors & Porch Enclosures With 3 decades of experience, we provide expert solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Do you offer custom window and door solutions?
    Yes, we work directly with manufacturers to customize windows and doors to suit your home. Each window and door is measured specifically to fit the openings in your home, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. We have dozens of standard exterior colours to choose from, including black interiors.
  • What are the energy efficiency ratings of your windows and doors?
    Orion Vertex3 Windows: These windows offer “triple pane performance with double pane glass” and meet or exceed Energy Star standards. Different window types and glass combinations have varying ratings, which can be provided in your quote. Ocean View Patio Doors: Both the Pacific Series 1000 and Atlantic Series 5000 qualify for Energy Star, with a U-Factor of 1.7 (U.S.) or 0.30 metric and an ER rating of 34. Avanti Custom Doors: Currently, these doors do not have an energy efficiency rating as most custom doors do not. Everlast Storm Doors: These storm doors do not have energy ratings, but are designed to protect your existing door from storm driven rains.
  • Can you explain the installation process for new windows and doors?
    Our installation process is thorough and meticulous, ensuring a perfect fit and long-lasting performance: Lay down drop sheets Remove old window/door and trim Clean the rough opening Install the new window/door, ensuring it is plumb and level with shims Apply blow foam for insulation Install Blueskin watertight membrane Bend and install aluminum capping if needed Caulk using premium exterior Supra Mulco sealant Trim and prepare for paint Remove and dispose of our debris
  • How long does it typically take to install new windows and doors?
    The installation time varies based on the situation, quantity, size, and accessibility of the windows and doors. Your project manager will provide specific details prior to installation.
  • Are your windows and doors covered by warranty?
    Yes, we offer lifetime coverage on accidental glass breakage, all hardware, seal failure, vinyl frame, and sash components. Our warranty is fully transferable, reflecting our confidence in the quality and durability of our products. Door warranties can vary up to 20 years.
  • Do you provide free estimates for window and door installation?
    Absolutely! After you contact us with your project details, a McLellan Contracting representative will set up an appointment for measurements and discuss possible solutions to best fit your home.
  • How do I know when it's time to replace my windows or doors?
    It may be time to replace your windows or doors if you experience Fog or streaks between the glass Difficulty operating (opening and closing) Leaks of water or air Desire for a fresh, modern look Need to improve energy efficiency and save on heating and cooling costs
  • Are financing options available for window and door installation?
    Yes, we offer financing options through a trusted financing company. Please ask about financing when you receive your quote.
  • How do you ensure the quality and durability of your products?
    We partner with trusted local companies with long-standing reputations for quality. We maintain strong relationships with our vendors to ensure we use products that we would trust in our own homes.
  • Do you handle both residential and commercial projects?
    Yes, McLellan Contracting works on both residential and commercial projects up to 5 stories, bringing 30 years of experience to each job. Note: Above 5 stories, different windows and installations are required.


Our decks are typically pressure treated wood or composite decking materials with maintenance free aluminum railing systems. All available in a multitude of colours, styles and designs.

While designing and installing your outdoor deck and railing system, our team can also upgrade your standard "builder grade" fence and gates. We also offer a variety of chain link fences.

Wood stairs and black aluminum railings
rich blue vinyl siding


Our aluminum Soffit & Facia is available in a variety of colours to compliment your home's exterior. Aluminum cladding can also be used to cover any exterior wood trim to protect the wood and eliminate the need to ever repaint.


McLellan Contracting installs seamless 5" eavestrough with hangers and steel roofing screws. We also offer and install the alu-rex Integrated Gutter Guard System to eliminate the need to ever clean your eavestroughs again. Our gutter guard system also adds strength to the eavestrough to protect against ladders crushing them and ice dams pulling them off. 

Alu-Rex gutter guard
Flat roof balconies and eavestrough
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