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John McLellan Contracting Inc. is an environmentally conscious company that on Feb 28th, 2009, received the 'Eco-Business Certificate' and joined the Eco-Business Program directed by the Ajax/Pickering Board of Trade.


At McLellan Contracting we look for new, creative and innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Our future and our government clients demand it. Some of the ways we are going green in our day to day operations are:

  1. Our Cubevans were purchased from local dealers and were switched over to natural gas as a fuel source. Typical cube vans get 7-9 miles per gallon (31,208 kg carbon dioxide/annual) our modified natural gas cube vans have reduced our carbon foot print by about 23 tonnes/annually alone! 

  2. We recycle all of our scrap metal to avoid having it go to a transfer station, then eventually a landfill (~ 2000lbs/recycled annually). 

  3. We have installed skylights in our office to reduce our lighting demands and converted all our lights to CFL type bulbs.

  4. We buy Materials locally to support local economy while reduce distribution transfer distances.

  5. We focus on Working Locally to cut down on time spent driving. 

  6. Our employees all live within 20kms and car pool when available.

  7. We help home-owners reduce their energy demands by blowing cellulose insulation that is an environmentally certified product. This product is also treated to not promote pests or fire. When combined with proper attic ventilation (intake and exhaust) you:

a. Maximize the life expectancy of the roof and shingles
b. Reduce cooling and heating loads
c. Help eliminate the possibility of mould infestation
d. Maintain better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)



  • Environmental impact has been minimized through the use of 100% recycled content and local manufacturing.

  • Disperses moisture quickly.

  • Treated for fire and pests.

  • Fills voids and large gaps for a more consistent R-value.

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